katarina.jpgKatarina Tojic, born in 1977 in Serbia, studied Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Belgrade and Cultural Management at the University of The Arts Belgrade. 2001-2002 received scholarship from the Camões Institute in the annual programme for Portuguese Language & Culture. 2004 scholarship from the French Institute for practical specialisation in the field of Cultural Management. 2005-2006 scholarship from the Robert Bosch Foundation in the programme “Cultural Managers from Central and East Europe”. In the frame of this programme she also worked for a year at the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

Selected projects:

19-21.02.2009 Wechselstrom. Women in Central and East European Literature Scene, Berlin.

04. - 07.10.2008 Wechselstrom. Female Authors from Arabic Countries on Tour (Freiburg, Munich, Berlin).

20.-28.10.2007 Wechselstrom. Female Authors from Central and East European Countries on Tour. (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), www.wechselstrom-tournee.de

25.-31.08.2008 Summer Academy “(Un)Limited Identities” (Belgrade, Serbia). www.kulturklammer.org

17.-18.09.2007 International Conference “Reactivation of Rivers and Industrial Heritage – Possibilities for the (Re)activation of Industrial Buildings and Structures in Serbia: Challenges and Implementations”, www.kulturklammer.org

01.-30.08.2006 “Europoly — European Union Identity Trading Game” exhibition