katja.jpgKateryna Stetsevych, born in1980 in Ukraine, studied German & Literature Studies at the University of Chernivtsi and  The Culture and Politics of East Europe at the Free University Berlin (with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service). 2005-2006 scholarship from the Robert Bosch Foundation in the programme “Cultural Managers from Central and East Europe”. In the frame of this programme she worked for a year in The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bonn). Currently writing her doctorate in the field of the Sociology of Literature at the Europe University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder).

Selected projects:

04. - 07.10.2008 Wechselstrom. Female Authors from Arabic Countries on Tour (Freiburg, Munich, Berlin).

20.-28.10.2007 Wechselstrom. Female Authors from Central and East European Countries on Tour. (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), www.wechselstrom-tournee.de

23. -30.09.2006 Potyah 76 — Zug 76. Contemporary Ukrainian Literature on Tour (Germany). www.zug76.de

01.-10.09.2006 “How Orange is the Ukraine?”. Study tour in the Ukraine with The Federal Agency for Civic Education

20.-30.07.2006 “Kulturkiosk. KunstKontrabanda”. Culture from Central and East Europe on the Road.