dathe.jpgClaudia Dathe, born 1971, studied Translation Studies (Russian, Polish) in Leipzig, Pyatigorsk (Russia) and Krakow. From 1997 to 2004 she lectured for the German Academic Exchange Service in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. As well as taught courses on translation and interpreting she undertook non-university/non-academic/ further education for young (newly qualified?)  translators. During her work in Kiev she picked up Ukrainian and began with her own literary translations. Since her return she has worked as a freelance translator for Ukrainian and Russian and offers seminars for German and Ukrainian young translators. Claudia Dathe has translated the following Ukrainian authors (among others) into German: Serhiy Zhadan, Olexandr Irwanez, Tanja Maljartschuk and Viktor Neborak. Since 1 April 2009 she has been a coordinator of the project “Literary Translation” at the University of Tübingen.