img_3697_b_small.jpgMaja Pelević, born in 1981 in Belgrade, studied Scenic Writing in her hometown and attended Richard Schechner’s performance courses in New York. She is already being described as the leading representative of a new Serbian Drama. Polevic’s post-dramatic texts frame the existential feeling of a generation that thanks to modern technologies is connected with the entire world and has access to all types of stimulants, but which is nevertheless at its core threatened by isolation. Amongst her plays are ESCape (2004), Maybe We Are Mickey Mouse (2007) and Hamlet Hamlet Eurotrash (2008). Maja Pelevic gained speedy prominence in German-language media, when she let it be known that she intended to write a play about the abduction of Natascha Kampusch. After her two-character play Belgrade – Berlin at the Berlin Volksbühne, in 2009 a second of Maja Pelevic’s texts was performed in Germany, Orangenhaut at the Osnabrück theatre.