esinencu_web.jpgNicoleta Esinencu, born in 1978 in Chişinău (Republic of Moldova), studied Theatre Studies and Scenography and from 2002 to 2005 was a dramatist at the Eugène Ionesco Theatre, Chişinău. Her 2004 play 'FUCK YOU,!' was the subject of intense political debate in Romania and the Republic of Moldova; the play won her the dramAcum Prize. Her plays have been performed in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Japan, France and in Austria. In 2003 she received a fellowship from the Akademie Solitude in Stuttgart, in 2006 a grant from the Centre international des Récollets in Paris and in 2007 a theatre grant in Bourges, France. In 2009 Nicoleta Esinencu held a residency at the Kunstlerhaus Edenkoben and is since March 2010 Artist in Residence in Krems, Lower Austria.